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You can help Chaldean Community Foundation (CCF) raise much needed funds by donating your vehicle to Charity Motors and designating the CCF as the beneficiary of the car’s sale.

Charity Motors is a vehicle donation program that gives full fair market tax deductions, often with a significantly higher value the owner would net through a trade-in or private sale, to those who donate cars and light trucks. Donors have the ability to designate the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle to any of Charity Motors’ partner organizations, which includes the CCF. Charity Motors makes the donation process easy by picking up the vehicle free of charge. Cars are fixed up thanks to the generosity of volunteers and sold at a reduced rate to those in need. Charity Motors has given more than $24 million to charities since its inception.

To donate a vehicle, visit www.charitymotors.org or call 1-888-908-CARS.